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Pathfinder Relics Deck
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Few things draw the attention of a hero more than a mysterious magic item, especially one that grows in power with them, becoming a legend in its own right! Relics are powerful magic items that you can customize to the story of your game, gaining powers along one or two themes. The cards in this deck include all of the abilities from the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide and Secrets of Magic. Combined with an item card, this deck allows you to plan out the powers of your relic and serves as a handy reminder of what mighty feats it can accomplish!

The Pathfinder Relic Deck contains the following:

  • 84 glyph cards detailing the one relic power, sorted into 14 categories
  • 24 relic seeds, which represent the relic before its powers are applied, each with a piece of art representing the item
  • A handy rules reference card to explain how the system works

ISBN-13: 978-1-64078-476-5

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Oh yes! As a GM, I'm a *big* user of relics! I love giving some to my players.
I do a lot of tweaking and custom powers though... Hum... I'll still LOVE these cards. :3

Yep, sign me up for these please :)


Have you changed suppliers for these cards? They are terribly off center, barely fit into sleeves, stick together with glue and I've already creased 2 of them by trying to sleeve them?

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Pathfinder Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber

FWIW @Demlin: My initial impression was that the cards were great and all in good order. I just went back into my box because of your observations.

I went through every card and didn't find any off-center nor any sticking together. I wasn't planning to sleeve mine until actually using them (preferring instead to store them in a DACCKIT folder - which your comment reminded me to do, thx :-) ).

So I randomly pulled a few to slide into some Dragon Shield Classic Clear sleeves. Again, I didn't find any of my cards sticking together nor did I have trouble sleeving them.

Of course, I could be an outlier, but as far as I can tell, my cards are in good order with no problems of note.

Very disappointed with the quality. The cards use cardboard and not cardstock, which means they will crease super easily. Have to sleeve if you want any hope of shuffling safely. Some cards were stuck together (from the cutting process I imagine) but wasn't terribly difficult to separate. Most of them are misaligned, but thankfully not cut off. A number of them have indentations from I'm assuming the packing process (on the card backs). Due to the cardboard nature of how they are cut a number of them have frayed edges on the rules side of the cards.

I like the handy reference the cards give, and the sample seeds that the books are sorely lacking, but the card quality itself is a huge disappointment, especially when some of their other card products are much better produced.

1.5 out of 5

KawasakiNinja wrote:
=but the card quality itself is a huge disappointment, especially when some of their other card products are much better produced.

Except for the cardstock/cardboard issue which isn't anything customer service can change, those other issues sound like production errors. Send an email to describing those issues and they might be able to exchange your poor deck with one that doesn't have those flaws.

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